What is a Fiduciary and who needs one?

A Fiduciary is a person entrusted to act for another’s benefit. The role is one of great trust, integrity, responsibility, and care. We act on your behalf to manage your affairs and carry out your wishes when you are unable to or no longer want to.

Many seniors and families choose to appoint a California Licensed Professional Fiduciary to avoid burdening family members or friends. Even the most capable adult child is frequently fully committed to work and home responsibilities and may not live conveniently nearby. If a more personalized interaction is desired, a Professional Fiduciary is a good choice rather than a bank or trust company. Also, children or adults with special needs would benefit from having a Professional Fiduciary manage their personal well-being and financial affairs.

We are available and responsive when the unexpected happens and you need us. We act as a neutral, third party when controversies arise.


We faithfully follow the terms of the trust and your wishes. We professionally manage, administer, and safeguard the assets held in the trust. Learn more about our Trust Administration services.



When an individual cannot manage their finances and/or personal affairs the court appoints a conservator to act in their shoes. The court continues to monitor and oversee the conservatorship. Learn more about choosing a Court Appointed Conservator for an estate or person.


Decedent Estate Administration

When an individual passes away, liabilities such as taxes and debts must be paid off and the remaining assets and property reallocated in accordance with the estate plan or will of the deceased. Learn more about our Decedent Estate Administration services.

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