As a friend of Ms. P’s I believe that one of the smartest decisions she ever made was to hire you as her fiduciary. From the first time I met you – at the primary care doctor’s office – I felt that you were someone who could be trusted. This took away many of my worries and concerns about how Ms. P was doing and what would happen to her if she became unable to take care of herself. The places you chose for her, and the choices you helped her make, made a major difference in her life. Ms. P was a special lady and I am grateful for the way you handled her affairs.
— Lisa P.

Peace of mind

As a conservator for my loved one, I have worked with Prime Fiduciary Services as trustee for almost five years. I was hesitant to get a third party involved, but my concerns were very quickly dissolved. They were extremely competent, thorough and understanding of my situation. We worked together very well and I would highly recommend them to anyone in need of a fiduciary.
— Susan P., San Jose

Superb value

Whenever I think about my Dad, and his situation after my Mom passed away, I can’t help thinking about how our decision to select Prime Fiduciary was, without a doubt, the best decision we made for him.  Only sorry we didn’t get there much sooner. Suspect I will always be grateful for the role you played (and how exceptionally good you are at it) every time I think about either of my folks, or brothers for that matter.  So grateful you were there to make things right….defined as the way my folks had intended.  To leave things the way they were would have been immoral.  I know you work crazy long hours.  I hope you know how much value you produce far beyond the monetary.   I knew my Dad pretty well.  I know he would have been grateful to his core.
— Judith P.

Taking care of everything

Losing my significant other was very hard on me, and it was comforting to know that you were taking care of everything. I don’t think I could have survived without your support and also for the kindness of all the Prime Fiduciary staff during this very difficult period.
— Katherine W.

Honest, competent and hard-working

I’ve represented Bonnie Burdett and Joyce Anthony on several matters. They are honest, competent and hard-working ladies, and represent two of the more competent private professional fiduciaries in the area.
— Richard A. Gorini, Esq., Boskovich, Gorini & Vanasse, San Jose, CA

Don’t Worry

My uncle took me to dinner one night and asked if I would be his primary family contact for the estate plans he had recently put in place. He told me ‘don’t worry, I have worked with a professional fiduciary, so you will not have to do much’. Several years later when he became terminally ill his words would ring remarkably true. A nine month cancer battle was made easier due to the talents and trusted efforts of Prime Fiduciary Services. With kindness and competence they helped us navigate caregiving, healthcare advocacy and the settlement of my uncle’s estate after he passed way. My family refers to them as one of our angels for whom we are eternally grateful.
— Molly H.

High standards

I represent Prime Fiduciary Services on several matters that require legal counsel.  I am extremely comfortable doing so, because they adhere to the standards expected of fiduciaries.  Not only are they careful, prudent and attentive to the myriad of details involved in their business but they advocate tirelessly for their client’s best interest.  I believe professional fiduciaries have an important role in trust, probate and conservatorship practice, and Bonnie Burdett and Joyce Anthony are among the best.
— Rebeccah B. Miller, Lakin Spears, LLP, Palo Alto, CA

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